At Nudicover, our goal is to help you to enjoy being outdoors in tropical climates by creating a range of Adult and Kids clothing and caps that assist to keep you cool and provide a bit of protection from the sun, mosquitoes, flies and dust. Our clothing is an alternative solution to the hot fabrics on the market but still offering a cover up with our cool, lightweight, soft, comfortable clothing and headwear.

Our Nudicover journey began over 3 years ago when we found ourselves spending lots of time outdoors in the sun, on the water and amongst the mangroves fishing.  We found that much of the clothing on the market for fishing, camping and boating was so hot to wear in Queensland, we ended up not wearing it!  And what happens when you don’t cover up? Your risk is much higher for sun damage and bug bites.

So we decided to research fabrics, create clothing designs and have samples made.  We tested a number of different Mesh fabrics starting with larger holes and settling on the hole size we currently have.  We found after 18 months of research, development and trials, that this Mesh is ideal for letting the air flow through and keeping a good coverage over your skin.

We provided our fabrics to APARNSA for rating of the Sun protection and the Nudicover Mesh has been rated as providing up to 70% UVA & UVB protection.  Our Unique polyester/spandex mix has been rated at UPF 50+.

Nudicover Mesh

Our journey from design to manufacture started in late 2018 working with a quality manufacturer in China.  We visited on several occassion to build rapport, ensure our high standards in the manufacture process and undertake the audit of our finished products.

Our first order arrived late in 2019 and we planned to formally launch our products at the Caravan, Camping, Boating & 4WD Expo in March 2020.


In 2020, COVID brought the world to a pause and our business needed to consider a much later launch when given the all clear.

So we went fishing and waited 🙂

In August 2020, the Outdoor Expos were on again, and we had our first major retail experience at the Fraser Coast Expo, followed up with a stand at the Cleveland and Sunshine Coast Expos in September.

Wow – what a great time we had meeting all of you that attended those Shows.  The feedback you provided was so positive and encouraging and thank you all for purchasing our products and supporting a local business.

We are proud to be an Queensland family business and excited that our products are so loved by our new customers.  We are also proud to provide Plus Sizes in our range to care for all customers.

NB:  The products are not designed to provide maximum protection from the outdoor elements. They are an alternative lightweight cover up.  If you require more than a light cover up, speak to your healthcare professional for advice to suit your individual requirements. 

Managing your Sun &  Exposure to the outdoors:  It is important that you manage your own exposure to the Sun and other outdoor elements to suit your skin type, health conditions and climate variations. Everyone’s needs are different so seek advice from your health care professionals before wearing the products to ensure they are right for you and establish a daily regime that is tailored to your individual needs.  Nudicover does not advise lengthy exposure to the sun and you should hydrate regularly.  Our products are not a guarantee against sunburn or insect bites.  Our products provide a lightweight alternative to use in conjunction with your other sun and insect protection measures or as your healthcare professional would advise to you.