About Us

ARE YOU SICK OF WEARING CLOTHING THAT IS WAY TOO HOT FOR QUEENSAND’S CLIMATE?  At Nudicover, our vision is to help you to enjoy being outdoors again with our range of Adult, Kids & Workwear clothing and caps & PPE that assist to keep you cool and sun protected, are multi-purpose.

Designed in Australia for the Australian Climate

Our Nudicover journey began over 3 years ago when we found ourselves spending lots of time outdoors the clothing on the market was so hot to wear, we ended up not wearing it!   And what happens when you don’t cover up?   Your risk is much higher for sun damage and bug bites. Unable to find suitable cool clothing, we turned our focus to fabrics, designs and production of a unique, innovative range of clothes that are simply a cooler alternative.

Fairness & Gender Equity

Nudicover products are designed and manufactured as non-gender specific clothing to benefit the needs of all people regardless of gender identity.


Nudicover clothing is recyclable – it can be used for a variety of different activities during your day due to the cool, comfortable, Mesh based fabric with Sun Protection.  This alleviates the need to change clothing for the different activities we may undertake during our day.

Size Inclusivity

Nudicover has elected to design and manufacture products from small size up to size 4XL to ensure a broad section of our customers are not discriminated against.  We do not charge additional prices for our larger size


Why People Love Us