Fish that Hurt Humans

There are some fish that are prominent along our coastal areas that pack a punch, or a really painful sting to be exact. Did you know that the Catfish, has

Pelicans – Please do not Feed

Pelicans love hanging around boat ramps where they have learned they can get a free feed.  They just stand around, pretending to be busy preening and fisherman will give them

Watercraft and Drowning

276 people died from drowning in 2019 and 70% were NOT visitors. It wasn’t beaches (at 26%) that rated the highest locations either – it was rivers which accounted for

Allergies – Reduce everyday Chemical use

We all use and apply many everyday chemicals such as deodorants, perfumes, sunscreen, household cleaners, all of which are absorbed through breathing or via our skin. Many people suffer from

Sunscreen bans around the world

The Pacific nation of Palau has banned sunscreen ingredients that are toxic to coral reefs. The ban covers ingredients found in sunscreen which are toxic to coral reefs. The legislation

Simple & Natural Treatment for Mozzie Bites

The Aussie summer is great but always comes with some extras…..Mozzie and Midge bites! Those horrible, itchy bites that drives us all crazy and keep us awake at night.  Even

People in our Community_Rubin Morris

In many communities across Australia, there are amazing and creative young people.  Here on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, we are lucky to have fabulous weather, fantastic beaches and talented people.  At

 T-Shirts have how much UPF Sun protection exactly?

Summer is here and we are all out and about in the great outdoors.  This means heaps more fun in the sun and the potential for  bites from insects that

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Is your Dad special and a guy who loves the great outdoors?  If so, then a new exciting gift this Father’s Day could be just what he deserves.  Check out

How to Reduce the Risk of Mosquito Related Diseases

A very real problem when enjoying the great outdoors is being bitten by a mosquito that may carry virus illnesses and deadly diseases. According to the World Health Organisation, in