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At NudiReef by Nudicover Clothing, our goal is to reduce the use of toxic chemicals on our skin and in the environment.

 We design and manufacture clothing with sun protection that also reduces the risk of midge & sandfly bite.  

All Nudicover products can be worn wet or dry and dry very quickly making them ideal for water sports. 


NudiReef now offers a onesie Stinger Suit that has been tested by Prof James Seymour, Australian Institute of Tropical Health & Medicine, Cairns, Queensland.  (See Video)


Stinger Suit

Many of us spend our summer months at the beach , rivers or on tropical islands, but some of our waterways contain dangerous jellyfish during these months. 

The NudiReef Stinger Suit is a full body suit designed to provide protection from a fatal sting to the body.  It is also designed to keep you much cooler than the traditional style of stinger suits which can be very hot to wear when dry and very cold when wet due to the time required to dry them out.

70% UVA & UVB | UPF 50+

Our fabrics have been provided to ARPANSA and received a rating of 70% UVA & UVB protection. Our Unique polyester/spandex mix has been rated at UPF 50+ 100% Sun protection.


A full body suit that is designed to help protect against fatal stings as well as reduce the risk of midge and sandfly bites.


Designed to keep you cool, just as great to wear when dry as wet. Plus it dries very quickly!

NudiReef Features

NudiReef stinger suits also provide you with UPF50+ sun protection on the rear of the suit which is ideal for snorkelling on the water surface. 

The Nudicover Mesh on the front provides you with a much cooler option.  Hey, our stinger suits just look a whole lot better too.


NudiReef is also ideal for anyone who prefers to be covered for sun protection or cultural modesty whilst swimming in public.

Stinger Suit that has been tested by Prof James Seymour, Australian Institute of Tropical Health & Medicine, Cairns, Queensland.

NufiReef by Nudicover Clothing donates 10% of it’s Stinger Suit sales to Prof. Jamie Seymour’s team for continued research into Australia’s Marine Environment.

 According to Dr Jamie Seymour,  Ideally, wearing a minimum of 1mm Neoprene wet suit is the safest method of sharing the water with box jellyfish and Irukandji. 

Whether the Stinger suit is lycra or Nudicover mesh, the sting could leave you itchy and with a rash if contact with the jellyfish is made. 

What these suits do provide is protection from a fatal sting, or one that penetrates the toxins into the blood stream as would happen when not wearing any protection. 

If you have any concerns about which stinger suit to use, talk to qualified advisors in your region.


NudiReef by Nudicover Clothing supports of Reef Safe and Reef Friendly products and by purchasing our products, you may help to save our Reef, keep our waterways cleaner and make a better choice for your health.

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