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Nudi Resort & Beach

At Nudicover Mesh Clothing, our mission is to provide you with stylish and effective sun protection while also promoting environmental sustainability.

Our innovative designs not only shield you from the harsh sun, but also help minimize the use of harmful chemicals on your skin and in the environment.

In addition to offering sun protection, our products are designed to reduce the risk of insect bites from midges and sandflies.

This added benefit ensures that you can enjoy the outdoors and use less chemical on your skin.

All Nudicover products are designed to be worn wet, allowing you to stay cool and comfortable in hot weather.

They also dry quickly, making them perfect for swimming and water sports.

Experience the perfect blend of fashion, functionality, and eco-consciousness with Nudicover Mesh Clothing.

Nudicover Stylish Resort Wear

Nudicover Mesh is a unique fabric that you wear over your swimsuit to provide coverage from the harsh sun while enjoying the breezy airflow it provides. This innovative fabric helps keep you cool and comfortable, making your time in the sun more enjoyable.

We offer a versatile design that caters to all generations, perfect for unwinding on a sun lounger or taking a dip in a luxurious resort pool.

70% UVA & UVB | UPF 50+ Panels

Our fabrics have been provided to ARPANSA and received a rating of 70% UVA & UVB protection. Our Unique polyester/spandex mix has been rated at UPF 50+ 100% Sun protection.

Cooler Comfort

Stay much cooler in the outdoors with our lightweight breathable fabrics. Recuce your body temperature and avoid overheating.


Great to wear wet. Feels good, provides quick relief, plus dries very quickly!

Nudi Resort Wear

Nudicover is also ideal for anyone who prefers to be covered for sun protection or cultural modesty whilst swimming in public.

Image: model is wearing Nudicover Blue Hoodie, face cover, hand covers and cap

Nudicover mesh has been tested by Prof James Seymour, Australian Institute of Tropical Health & Medicine, Cairns, Queensland.

Our fabrics are stinger resistant, but when swimming in waters containing jellyfish, you should always wear the recommended full Stinger Suit, gloves, head cover and foot covers.

According to Dr Jamie Seymour, ideally wearing a minimum of 1mm Neoprene wet suit is the safest method of
sharing the water with Box jellyfish and Irukandji. 

What these suits do provide is protection from a fatal sting, or one that penetrates the toxins into the blood stream as would happen when not wearing any protection. 

If you have any concerns about which stinger suit to use, talk to qualified advisors in your region.

Nudicover Clothing are Reef Safe and Reef Friendly products and by purchasing our products, you help to reduce chemicals applied to your body, keep our waterways cleaner and make a better choice for your health.