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Sport Resort & LeisureWear

ARE YOU SICK OF WEARING CLOTHING THAT IS WAY TOO HOT FOR SUMMER? Get Your Nudi on and enjoy being in the outdoors again with cool, comfortable Mesh based clothing and accessories that provide Sun & Bug Protection.






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Our Story

Nudicover was created when I developed a severe allergy to insect bites.

Desperate for relief, I resorted to spraying herself with a deet-based repellent. I didn't realise this decision would lead to a battle with chemical poisoning and a debilitating skin condition that plagued me for the next five years.  

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Our mission

At Nudicover, our mission is to revolutionise the way people dress for their active lifestyles, providing them with unparalleled cool mesh comfort and style.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to establish Nudicover as the world's primary choice for cooler more comfortable sport and resort wear.

Professional Derm Advice

Nudicover clothing is incredibly lightweight and breathable, making it a top choice for Kaleidoscope Skin Cancer Clinic in Bundaberg.

They have not only used our clothing but also highly recommended it. In their own words, they said,

"While sunscreen is essential, we have discovered that Nudicover clothing is exceptionally cool to wear compared to other options, all while providing sun protection.

Whilst no clothing will ever negate the need for sunscreen, the lightweight design encourages people to cover up, significantly reducing the risk of life-threatening skin damage. Moreover, it shields sensitive skin from bothersome midge and sandfly insect bites."

Nudicover Volunteers & Sponsorships

At Nudicover, we love to sponsor sporting groups including youth sports. We also love to support the Volunteers and officials of our Sports Clubs and Community groups with donations of clothing items.

Every weekend, sports volunteers and parents are a major workforce generously donating their free
time at sports ovals, community events, surf carnivals just to name a few.

Without these dedicated volunteers giving their time, our communities and sports would be greatly impacted. Thank you Volunteers!

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Nudicover offers a variety of kid's Rashie shirts that are perfect for swimming and outdoor activities. Our innovative mesh material provides superior ventilation, keeping kids cooler than traditional Rashie fabrics.

Additionally, our Rashies dry quickly after swimming, preventing children from being uncomfortable in cold, wet clothing.

While our mesh offers up to 70% sun protection, we always advise using SPF50+ sunscreen for complete protection.

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In the Spotlight

We were honored to be featured on Creek to Coast, where we shared our insights. Discover our journey, gain valuable tips, and catch a glimpse of the interview that delves into the heart of our passion.

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