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Our Story

Let me tell you an incredible story about Gail, a woman who faced a series of challenges but managed to turn her life around in the most remarkable way. It all started when Gail developed a severe allergy to insect bites.

Desperate for relief, she resorted to spraying herself with a deet-based repellent. Little did she know that this decision would lead to a battle with chemical poisoning and a debilitating skin conditions that plagued her for the next five years.

Determined to break free from the shackles of chemicals, Gail made a courageous pledge to go as chemical-free as possible. No more sunscreen, no more repellents, and no more endless treatments for her psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis.

As if her skin issues weren't enough, Gail also had to endure the dreaded hot flushes that often accompany menopause. The combination of these challenges left her feeling trapped indoors, unable to enjoy her once-beloved outdoor activities.

It was a devastating blow to her love for the great outdoors and her overall quality of life.

But Gail, being the resilient and resourceful woman that she is, refused to let these obstacles define her. She embarked on a quest to find suitable clothing that would provide coverage without causing her to overheat. After countless disappointments with the available options on the market, she had a brilliant idea: why not create her own clothing using
lightweight mesh fabrics?

And so, she set to work, crafting a long-sleeve shirt with mesh fabric, that not only kept her cool but also proved to be perfect for swimming and water sports due to their
quick-drying properties.

Word of Gail's innovative clothing spread like wildfire among her friends and family, who were eager to get their hands on these game-changing garments.

Encouraged by their enthusiasm, Gail decided to take her passion to the next level. She collaborated with the Chamber of Commerce and embarked on a journey of design and manufacturing, giving birth to her very own range of functional practical cool mesh clothing.

Fast forward five years, and Nudicover has amassed an enormous fan base across Queensland, NSW, Victoria and Hawaii. Thanks to the incredible power of word-of mouth and exciting collaborations with sports such as Outrigger, Dragonboat, Rowing, Surf Lifesaving, and Beach Volleyball, Nudicover Mesh Clothing has become the absolute essential for anyone living in hot climates.

Nudicover is the only clothing company in the world dedicated to designing a full range of functional and practical cool mesh clothing.