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Everyone loves the Hoodie. So handy to have for sun and midge protection.  Great to swim in and dries very quickly so not having to deal with soggy wet rashies and find a change of clothes.

Wet the Hoodie, the arms or the whole garment to help manage your temperature in summer.  The hood can work as a cool towel and is delightfully refreshing.

Finally, you can park the clothing in those hot fabrics and get your NUDI on! 

Wear nothing underneath or team up with sports top, swimmers or cammisole.

Design Features – Hood for extra neck, head and ear protection;  Pockets – two zip up front and 2 internal to go hands-free; longer arm length to part cover hands; Quality zips and ultra-light Mesh.

WET or DRY – DAY or EVENING – SUN and BUG Protection

Nudicover Mesh* provides up to 70% UVA & UVB sun protection depending on skin type, climate and temperature. Nudicover Mesh* provides up to 70% UVA & UVB sun protection depending on skin type, climate and temperature. Nudicover Mesh is NOT designed as full sun protection UPF 50+ clothing. It is to keep you COOLER but still have some sun protection.  We recommend using a SPF50+ Sunscreen with the Shirt to the achieve highest sun protection.


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Guys love our Unisex hoodies too.  Note:  I used a female pattern & size chart to create this design.  Guys are 2 sizes bigger in ladies sizes (as a rule of thumb).   So if ordering for a male, make sure you count up by two sizes compared to what they normally wear. 

For example, a guy who is Large would more likely be a 2XL in this Hoodie.  It will then be a great fit.   This works because guys have longer arms and broader chests generally.

NB:  The products are not designed to provide maximum protection from the outdoor elements.  If you require more than a light cover up, speak to your healthcare professional for advice to suit your individual requirements. Nothing is insect proof, but having a lightweight cover up is a better choice than offering up lots of exposed skin for SandFlies & Midges to choose from.

Managing your Sun & Exposure to the outdoors:  It is important that you manage your exposure to the Sun and other outdoor elements to suit your skin type, health & climate conditions. Everyone’s skin is unique, and we advise you to seek advice from your health care professionals before wearing or using the products. Nudicover does not promote lengthy exposure to the sun and our products are not a guarantee against sunburn or insect bites. Our products are offered to provide a lightweight alternative to use in conjunction with your other sun and insect protection measures or as your healthcare professional would advise you.

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Weight .22 kg

XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL


Pink, White, Black, Blue, Purple


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Unisex Hoodie (cm)SMLXL2XL3XL4XL
Sleeve Length6162.56465666768